Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cali Smoker vs Arkansas (In Need of Emergency Donations)

Hello, my name is Marshall. I'm 27 years old I live in the north coast region of California in Humboldt County. I'm in serious need of assistance as I would give if someone in a situation of this magnitude. I'm a very caring, passionate, enthusiastic, and loving person. I'm a student who will be returning to Humboldt State University in the Fall 2011 to complete my double major Psychology and Business. I have a lot of goals, dreams and abitions that I want to achieve. I've never been in any major problems growing up, but at a young age learned how to take care of myself in life. I have always been an advocate of marijuana and the legalization of marijuana as are most people that live in California and other places that embrace marijuana as a non harmful substance. After loosing my job and family to a couple of economic blows from the recession, two of my buddys and I decided to do a road trip from Cali to Atlanta, GA to visit see the states and to visit family. The first night on the road we were pulled over in Arkansas in Crawford county, fort smith AK. A small town in the middle of no where. The highway patrol stopped us and unlawfully search our luggage where the found some marijuana for our personal use. (see case Arkansas vs Sanders) We were held in the county jail for nearly 2 weeks. We hired an attorney who has been kinda cool with working with us. The charges that I face are 5 years in the state prison of arkansas, 120 days in bootcamp and 5k, or 9k no time served, expunged from my records and never have to return to that place again. I really like the 3rd option the most, however my attorney and prosecutor are willing to allow me to make a payment plan tp pay off the remainding balance if I can come up with a large enough amount for a downpayment by Nov. 5th 2010. Thats why I'm writing this blog. I'm on unemployment and I only make enough to not be living on the streets. I have a very promising future ahead of me in finishing school and really need help from anyone that is willing to donate any amount to help me come up with this money. I've set up a link below on paypal to accept donations. Please Please Please find it in your hearts to help. Thanks in advance to all those that support and donate.



Marshall H